What Do You Get With A Full-Time Agent?

You’re ready to sell your home and now it’s time to choose an agent.  Who do you choose to sell and market your home?  In this world of  part-time and full-time real estate agents, many in the industry recommend one particular question to ask in an interview: Do you work full-time in real estate?  This is intended to ensure the agent you hire has enough knowledge of the market and a flexible schedule to meet your needs.

Part-Time vs Full Time Agents

Many of us know someone who is a licensed Realtor.  Let’s face it, it’s not extremely difficult to become a licensed Realtor and most of us know a relative, friend or coworker who works in the business.  But who should you trust with what is likely to be the largest investment of your life?  Are you willing select anyone less than a professional full-time real estate agent?

The challenges a Realtor works through on a day-to-day basis, along with the experience and time spent on finding and closing deals is what truly sets the full-time real estate pro apart from the Realtor who works part-time for extra cash. That experience can make all the difference in the world to you as the client!

You might be considering choosing a Realtor you know because he seems like a nice guy, because you have known him for years or because you would feel bad if you chose to work with a different Realtor.  The question however, is that the right reason to choose a Realtor when it comes to the investment of a lifetime?

What You get with a Full Time Agent:

  1. Accessible Throughout the Day:  A full-time agent usually eats, sleeps and breathes real estate. This is a full-time job and full timers are all in and ready to go every day!  Real estate is what he/she thinks about in the morning and he studies the market on a daily, if not hourly basis.  His children’s college education is riding on him getting up in the morning, dressing like a professional and hitting the streets running.  When it comes to buying or selling, don’t you want a full-time agent working for you?
  2. Connections:  Part of a full-time Realtor’s job is to be connected.  A real estate professional has likely built connections to local contractors, lenders, and other Realtors along with many people in the service industries like painters and plumbers that are out there working on a daily basis to help people just like you.  Your full-time agent has built these connections in the community and can share them with you.
  3. Clients:  A full-time Realtor should have a solid database of past, current and future clients.  They can resource these clients which can range from investors looking to purchase rental properties, to clients who like to buy and sell every 2 years, or clients who want to buy your home BEFORE it hits the market.
  4. Experience (can’t stress this enough!):  Experience is the name of the game and your full-time Realtor has likely been through it all.  Whether it comes to negotiations, they can often help work through a sticky deal, and as someone who is selling homes on a daily or weekly basis they will get you to your end goal.  Every deal is different, and so is every contract negotiation.  Whatever the situation… chances are your full-time agent has been there done that and knows just what to do when it seems like a deal is ready to fall through. 

The Bottom Line

You want to be confident when choosing a Realtor and you want a Realtor who is confident.  After reading this I hope you will see that choosing to hire a full-time realtor who is a professional is the best choice to make! If you’re selling, be sure to discuss a thorough marketing plan for your home. With any agent you consider, if you don’t feel the agent has the resources to market your home to the right buyers, it’s best to keep searching for a better fit.

Are you interested in selling a home or buying in the Phoenix, Scottsdale or the East Valley area?  Tom Smith is a full-time real estate professional at RE/MAX Infinity in Chandler, AZ and has helped people buy and sell homes throughout the Phoenix area for more than 15 years.  Call anytime to discuss your real estate needs. 

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